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Welcome to

Welcome to the kernelnewbies project, a community project meant to help people learn how operating system kernels work. This project is not meant to help people fix problems; instead, it is meant as a place where people can learn about the kernel so they will be able to fix problems or create enhancements by themselves.

This project is mostly about the Linux kernel, but discussion about other kernels is welcome too, especially if the source code of that other kernel is freely available, so everybody can learn. Kernelnewbies is meant to be a community effort, everybody helps each other. If you learn something, please stick around to teach others. The kernelnewbies project has an irc channel, a mailing list, a website and a wiki.

#kernelnewbies is an IRC channel (hosted on the Open and Free Technology Community) dedicated to the "newbie" kernel hacker. The audience mostly consists of people who are learning about the kernel, working on kernel projects or professional kernel hackers that want to help less seasoned kernel people.

The channel is mostly meant for people programming the kernel. People wanting to document kernel internal functions and CS/EE students wanting to learn about the kernel internals are, of course, also welcome. Most denizens of the channel don't mind a bit of generic OS or hardware discussion either, feel free to hang around and participate in any nice discussion that comes along...

However, discussions totally unrelated to the kernel should not by held in this channel; the #offtopic channel is the right place for that.


Ease of movement

Where is it?

Kernelnewbies is available in 4 "flavours": website, IRC channel, mailing list and wiki.

As explained above, #kernelnewbies is on the Open and Free Technology Community. There are two ways to connect to #kernelnewbies, either via web chat or via a real irc client, using or as your server and then

/join #kernelnewbies.

The channel is logged here (search facility for some old logs here).

You can download the official syndicated #kernelnewbies fortunes file here (last modified 2003/12/16).

Contact the team

Request for kernel hackers

If you've got the patience to occasionally explain things to people who aren't as far as yourself, please idle around on #kernelnewbies and participate in the threads that interest you. This request also goes out to newbie kernel hackers ... there's a big chance that you have seen things that none of the other people in the channel hasn't seen yet, so your help is more than welcome.

If you have the screen real estate, please open up your IRC client and hang around on #kernelnewbies. You don't have to do anything, just be there (and participate when something goes by that is interesting to you).

Latest kernel

The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 2.6.0 The latest 2.4 version of the Linux kernel is: 2.4.23 The latest prepatch for the 2.4 Linux kernel tree is: 2.4.24-pre2 The latest 2.2 version of the Linux kernel is: 2.2.25 The latest 2.0 version of the Linux kernel is: 2.0.39 The latest prepatch for the 2.0 Linux kernel tree is: 2.0.40-rc6 The latest -mm patch to the stable Linux kernels is: 2.6.0-mm1

No actual penguins were harmed during the production of this site. © 2000, 2001, 2002 by the people in #kernelnewbies.